LTN Conference – Sheffield

LTN Conference 2019 | Sheffield | Thurs 3rd October 2019

LTN Conference 2019

Join us for the 2nd annual Legal Technology North Conference! This years event will focus on client-centric service design.

This full day conference will explore how legal services can be designed so they are delivered with the needs of the client in mind; whether that is through self-service, greater client collaboration or a deep understanding of what the client wants – as well as if greater use of technology could assist, and if so what sort of tools could be useful.

Our unconventional events are designed to get you actively involved in the subject matter by facilitating an environment of sharing and collaborating with your peers throughout the course of the day. Join us and:

  • hear from a number of knowledgeable speakers who have redesigned legal services delivery from the ground up to deliver better experiences for their clients (both external and internal)
  • quiz our panel of experts about the experiences and challenges around redesigning service delivery
  • take the Adding Client Value Challenge with Kirsten Maslen of Thomson Reuters
  • consider the future of AML and Due Diligence in the age of Open Banking and TPMA’s (Third Party Managed Accounts)
  • participate in a legal design workshop delivered by the awesome team at Wavelength Law
  • join our Samoan Circle (the alternative panel discussion)
  • + even more opportunities to network at the afterparty!

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