Convey2030 Roadshow

Please note: this is a provisional schedule and as such is subject to change. The schedule may also vary between locations.

The Bold Legal Convey2030 Roadshow

Dates and Locations

Manchester – Thursday 12th September 2019
Nottingham – Tuesday 24th September 2019
London – Wednesday 9th October 2019

Event Overview

The conveyancing process is changing. In this half day event we take a look at some of the changes that are happening now, as well as what’s on the horizon for conveyancing practitioners, including:

  • Various stakeholders recognising the value of supplying the data they hold as data feeds, rather than as static reports – which will impact the way in which conveyancers compile and provide information to their clients.
  • The dual threats of cybercrime and money laundering means that new and innovative solutions are being created to help mitigate the risks to firms, through the use of TPMA’s (Third Party Managed Accounts) and Open Banking.
  • The changes HMLR are considering as part of their Digital Street programme and beyond
  • Improving the client onboarding process through greater use of technology such as e-signatures.

We finish the day with a cybersecurity workshop where we look at some real world examples of how conveyancing firms are being targeted, and how to better protect your business.

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Event Schedule

Please note: This agenda is subject to change and may vary between the Manchester, London and Nottingham events. Eddie Goldsmith is delivering the “Future of Conveyancing” keynote for the Manchester date only, for Nottingham and London this will be delivered by Rob Hailstone.

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